Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WOYWW #295: Busy, busy, busy

Yet another Wednesday has come to snoop around other people's work desks. If you would like to join in the fun, just head over to the Stamping Ground where you'll find the phenomenally successful weekly blog hop called What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

I took this photo just after I had finished my new LifeBook project and tidied up the fallout. Perhaps I should have taken a photo before the clean-up operation, but I thought I'd spare you the agony. Now my desk is nice and neat, waiting for the next project. Let me show you some of the projects I worked on last week along with some other bits.

  1. I know I'm not supposed to buy any more art supplies for a while (i.e. until I find some type of income) but these journals were practically a giveaway at just £1.49 each. I couldn't possibly leave them behind. They have a lovely embossed cover and rounded corners, which I adore. Although the paper inside is rather thin and lined, I've seen people use these types of regular notebooks as art journals by gluing two pages together and strengthening them with gesso. I thought I'd give it a go and if it doesn't work, I can always use them as regular note books.
  2. Encouraged by the success of my upcycled toilet paper roll pen holder (top left in the photo), I decided to alter this Cadbury's Hot Chocolate tin (it's not really a tin, but I don't know what else to call it). I simply stuck a piece of gelli print on it and now it houses my binder clips. Very useful and still smells of chocolate!
  3. My Word of Inspiration Wednesday journal has a new entry in it for the word Abundance. You can check it out here if you're interested. 
  4. Ditto for my Documented Life Project journal, which you can find here.
  5. Last week I showed you the initial sketch of my ballerina for week04 of LifeBook. This page has now been completed. You can find my post here.
  6. I've also managed to complete my LifeBook project for week05, a dreamcatcher! You can find more photos here.
As you can see I've been busy, busy, busy! 22 posts so far in January - by far the most I've ever done, thanks to all the challenges and classes I'm taking part in this year. Realistically, I'm not sure I can keep up this level of activity, but I'll see how it goes. I'll continue as long as I enjoy it and as long as time allows. I'm not working at the moment but that might change quite soon, and then I won't have this much time available. On the plus side, I will have more money to buy paint though! 

Thanks for visiting today! If you're popping in from the Stamping Ground, please leave your link number so I can find you! I return every visit! Happy WOYWW!

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