Wednesday, 4 September 2019

WOYWW #535: A Sewing Box and Blenheim Palace

I wasn't around last Wednesday to post because we visited Blenheim Palace. We had a lovely family day out with our normally elusive teenage son and it didn't even cost us a penny as we were able to convert Tesco vouchers for an annual family pass. I'll show you some photos further down but first - the all important desk shot for WOYWW.

You can't really see much as I'm working on a top secret birthday card for my son's 15th birthday later this month - Oreo is conveniently lying right on it. All will be revealed in due course.

I do have another project though, that I can share. I made this earlier in the summer - a little fabric covered sewing box. Not that I sew much but I still needed somewhere to keep my threads and needles for the odd repair job. I used the Sizzix Scoreboards Treasure Box die to cut the box - I didn't have the right card for it (I used an empty a cereal box) - so it's a bit flimsy, but it serves its purpose quite well. I wish I could give you a tutorial, but I really just bodged my way through it - hence the crochet lace covering the untidy edges!

And now, just a few of the photos we took at Blenheim Palace. We were very lucky with the weather - it was nice and warm but not too sunny or hot and it didn't start raining until just after we had left. 


Here's a triple selfie we took in the Secret Garden at Blenheim - I needed a photo of the three of us for my son's card as is our tradition and we didn't have any recent ones. My husband appears a bit rough around the edges as he's growing a beard but he's still not sure if he's going to keep it. 

Toodaloo! I'll be around visiting, if not today than later this week definitely! xx