Wednesday, 14 February 2018

WOYWW #454: Grungy gelli prints with alcohol ink

I ran out of time last week and missed WOYWW, which I really regretted! I need to be super organised in order to take part, as I work Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and WOYWW is sandwiched right in between these two shifts - and let's face it, I'm not famous for being super organised! Luckily, I remembered last Sunday to take a photo of my desk and my current projects, so here I am - writing this on Tuesday afternoon just before setting off to work, so I can post it on Wednesday morning just before setting off to work again!

The photo shows the aftermath of my grungy gelli printing session inspired by Kate Crane's recent video where she used a layer of alcohol ink mixed in with acrylics. This results in a nice grungy texture where the alcohol ink reacts with the paint. Here are some of the prints I managed to pull, including some ghost prints.

I've even got some nice colourful pulls from my 6X6 inch plate which I was using as a palette, as per Kate's instructions.

The second part of Kate's video shows how she turned her prints into projects, which is on my to-do list as well! But for now let me show you a journal page I did on the run. It's nothing special, just playing to my heart's content with shapes and textures. I used up some bits and pieces lying on my desk and tried not to stress about the details - just playing and enjoying a little creative time.

Here's the obligatory Oreo photo at the end of my post, in case you've missed him. He's lost his two white eyebrow whiskers again - they come and go periodically. For a while he always looks stupid with just one of them remaining, LOL, but they're both gone now. I hope they'll grow back - they're one of his trademarks! 

Thank you for visiting today. I'll be visiting everyone soon - if not today then later this week. 
Happy WOYWW!