Wednesday, 6 February 2019

WOYWW #505: Altered cheese packaging, a win and a rant

OK, so I managed to lose my first paragraph after linking up and I can't be bothered to rewrite it - it was a rant about Google. Maybe they came and deleted it LOL! Anyway, the long and the short of it is that they've finally killed off G+ and all my comments were lost in the process. I was hoping that they would offer a solution to migrate comments to Blogger but they didn't. They don't care. It was easier for them to delete the comments, so now they're all gone. Forever.

In happier news, look what I've got on my desk!

I've won the  January Craft Stamper prize draw! Yay me! This really brightened up my day and made me forget about my Google woes. Also on my desk: a weathered tag in progress, along with some inked butterflies and my general clutter. That iPhone box has been kicking around for months now - I'm planning to alter it one day. My son's got the phone, I've got the box - and it is a darn good box too, very sturdy! 

Onto my project share today, tada! 

Cheese packaging stuck together with masking tape and covered in book paper (although this step wasn't strictly necessary, it made it more sturdy) with pieces of embossed  paper stuck on (made with Tim Holtz embossing folders), gesso and some acrylic ink (Prussian blue and Sepia, if I can remember correctly).  The magic happened when I added some gilding wax on top for highlights. 

What is this, you ask? I don't know... It could be a stand for something or I could just call it an Artist Trading Coin Block - do they exist? They do now! 

Before I go, I'd like to share this idyllic photo of Oreo enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon by the fire.

My commenting system is supposed to have reverted back to the native Blogger comments - see if it works! Thanks for all the comments over the years - most of which came from the lovely people of WOYWW and some from a handful of faithful followers.  I'm ever so grateful for every single comment and I'm so sorry I couldn't keep them! xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

WOYWW #504: A handmade, fabric covered book

Well, my desk is not exactly tidy (or clean) but at least it's now serviceable. I had a little tidy up, which involved sweeping everything off my desk onto the floor - in one elegant, swift movement. Job done - for now. Stage two will involve tidying the floor, but I haven't got to that point yet. Here's my newly reclaimed work surface with my latest project in progress:

Why am I showing you all this? Well, it's all for WOYWW, where we share our work surfaces, some tidy and neat and some shamelessly messy. Mine usually falls in the latter category. 

So what's on my desk today? I bought some cheap foolscap size file folders on Amazon, cut them down to size and stuck the pages together along the folds back-to-back with some masking tape to form a flipable booklet. You can see it lying on my desk on the left. I gessoed the pages to make them withstand wet media. Then I made a cover for it using the Tim Holtz fabric I'd bought recently. 

(If anyone needs a tutorial on this binding method, I keep going back to this blog post by Wendy Burgess. This is the same method I used to bind my 2016 Life Book as well.) 

This is how my book turned out in the end. The pages lie completely flat when it's open. 

The next step will be to fill the pages but I haven't decided what to do with the book yet. I'll put it aside for now, waiting for inspiration. Perhaps I'll turn it into a photo album.

How's that for short 'n sweet today? I'll be over catching up soon with everyone! Happy #504!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

WOYWW #502: My word for the year

Hello peeps - I'm here again to link up with WOYWW, the longest running blog hop in history (and I think that's a pretty safe assumption!) I was going to tidy up my desk today - but something stopped me. I could make excuses but the truth is it was plain laziness that prevented my plans. I had a go at it this morning so that I could show you a 'before' and 'after' shot but I gave up after just a few minutes so I only have the 'before' shot for now. Here it is (eeeks!):

It's getting to the point where the mess is no longer manageable so I will have to tidy up - just not now. I haven't done much in the past two weeks in the way of crafting. I've made a new tag though, that you can see on the mini easel. It was for a monthly challenge in the Tim Holtz Addicts Facebook group. The January challenge is to use tissue paper (either TH or any other) and the majority of the supplies including the focus point has to be TH. Here's a closer look at my tag:

It features my word for the year, which is GRATITUDE. This is the word that resonates with me the most right now. After years of limbo when I chose words like 'progress' and 'evolve' yearning for something more, something different, I think I am now content and happy enough to appreciate what I have instead of wanting change. 

This tag features several TH supplies: the butterfly was cut from TH tissue wrap and mounted on textured watercolour paper to give it some weight, the tag itself and the bookplate were cut with a TH die, as was the vintage lace at the bottom, the book plate was coloured with distress oxides, the numbers came from a TH embossing folder, and most importantly the ribbon was torn from a piece of TH fabric. I've bough a whole bunch of 1/4 metre strips from Cotton Patch (in the UK). Here's my stash:

I can also use these to make journal covers, tag pouches or just cut them into collage elements. I was very happy to receive these pieces of fabric - they're a great addition to my growing TH collection! 

I'm also entering this project in the Craft Stamper Magazine Anything Goes January Challenge. I made sure there was something stamped on my project, i.e. the script stamp in the background. 

Happy Wednesday to my WOYWW friends and anyone else who's visiting! xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

WOYWW #500!!!: Completed Advent Journal (Part 4)

Well, the time has come! A brand new year and #500 of the weekly blog fest What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, commonly known as WOYWW. To coincide with this milestone, I managed to complete my Advent Journal - a little later than anticipated, but I'm quite pleased that I was able to create 24 spreads over the holiday period.

Here's a photo of my desk working on one of the last pages with a special visitor present. My desk is an absolute tip and I was going to tidy it up in honour of the new year, but it never happened. I might do it later today. Then again, knowing myself, I might not.

Here are the remaining pages in order of appearance in the journal with the corresponding prompts. 

Christmas Baubles (I used the mini cards from my Christmas cracker to represent my family!)

What makes a house a home

Christmas memories (I recycled a Christmas page from an old journal)

A telephone call

Christmas wishes
I also made a spread for the inside cover with a photo of our holiday decorations to remind me of this year's Christmas atmosphere.  

I decorated the cover with some ribbon and added a bookplate to complete the look. I had to expand the spine so that the journal can be closed flat. There are plenty of videos on YT to show you how to do this - you just need some book binding tape. 

If you missed the previous posts about my advent journal, they can all be found under the 'advent' tag HERE. I've also made a quick video flipthrough: 

I'll leave you with another photo of Oreo. We were playing the Sherlock Holmes game on New Year's Eve and it didn't take long for Oreo to discover that he fits perfectly in the box! He slept there for a few hours - in fact he's in it again right now - so it must be more comfortable than it looks!

I wish everyone a very happy 2019!