Thursday, 15 January 2015

LifeBook Week03: Art saves me every day

One thing I love about LifeBook is that the lessons are posted on a Monday. Perhaps not surprisingly, Mondays are the least popular day of the week. However, since I've been doing LifeBook, I find myself looking forward to Mondays!

This week's project by Joanne Sharpe was to design a page with lettering and a complimentary image using watercolour paints and pens for outlining.  I did something very similar (minus the lettering) when I first started this blog. In fact, it was my very first blog post. This is a rather forgiving technique - you can't really go wrong with it! Just sketch your shapes, fill them with watercolours and then outline them in a sketchy way with black (and optionally white) pens.

The supplies I used for this project were the following:
Daler - Rowney 140lb 12 inch x 9 inch Hot Press Langton Gummed Pad

I've changed the composition and the quote from the class material. I saw a similar composition in Joanne's book 'The Art of Whimsical Lettering' which inspired my design. I'm pretty sure the quote 'Art saves me every day' comes from Tamara Laporte. I chose it because it is very true for me too. Art does save me from gloom and depression, especially at this time of year. I do get down sometimes, but it's only temporary. I always bounce back with lots of creative energy. Art gives me a direction, a purpose and something to look forward to and be happy about. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

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