Sunday, 21 February 2016

LifeBook Catch-Up: Happy Traveller & Doodle Bug

As soos as LifeBook 2016 started back in January, Tam overwhelmed us with lessons and inspiration. So far I've been able to keep up with the weekly assignments, but early on I missed two of Tam's lessons. The all-important Happy Traveller and a bonus lesson titled 'This year I'm letting go of...". Finally, I've had some time to make up for the omissions and today I'm sharing both of these projects.

I admit that I took some shortcuts with the Happy Traveller lesson. I didn't watch the videos (I just wanted to get going!) and I used a sketch of a face I made last year for another LB lesson that I never completed. I decided to adapt it to this project, partly because I didn't want to waste the paper and also because it's symbolic of my continued journey. What I couldn't do in 2015, I can do in 2016!

My companions on my journey this year are an elephant (copied from Tam because I like it so much!) and a little bird (symbolising creative freedom). I also managed to smuggle in my symbol for my words this year (Balance, Focus, Direction).

The second project I want to share today was an exercise in letting go of negative emotions while attracting positive energies. It was supposed to be a zentangle butterfly on an inked background, which turned into a doodle bug for me! I'm not a great zentangler - I just don't have the patience for it - but I like doodling, so I ended up with a stripy butterfly/dragonfly crossover type of doodle bug.

The trail the bug is leaving behind contains all the negative feelings I want to let go of this year . They are almost illegible words as I didn't want to spend precious energy "dwelling" on them, but I'll tell you what they are: anxiety, resentment, envy, judgement, self-doubt. They are all extremely toxic and I will make a conscious effort to leave them far behind!

At he same time, I'm flying towards: self confidence, creativity, self-worth, acceptance, trust, happiness, solitude, serenity as well as my three words for the year, balance, focus, direction. The word solitude might be misinterpreted by some as a negative thing, but far from it! Some of us need solitude to feel whole and at peace with the world. I need regular doses of solitude just to stay sane! If you're an introvert like me, you will totally understand this!

Here's my visual interpretation:

Thanks for visiting! Hope I didn't bore the pants off you :)

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