Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WOYWW #350: Recap of 2016 so far and cat in the sink

Hello WOYWW deskers once again! I don't think I've ever been this late to join up, but I'll just squeeze in at the end of the list on Julia Dunnit's blog, the Stamping Ground. I took this shot of my work space yesterday. I was working on a LifeBook project, which is now finished, but I won't be showing it to you just yet. Here I was "auditioning" some butterflies to feature on my page. I found it hard to balance the composition and it took me ages to make a decision. I'll publish a separate post about this later this week.

What I would like to show you today, however, is a recap of some of my projects so far this year. I'm very grateful for the time I have to create at this point in my life. I know it won't always be like this so I intend to take full advantage of it now and create to my heart's content, while I can.

Here's a collage I've made in PicMonkey - it's easy and free to use online. 
Please click on the photo for a larger view:


Finally, I'll leave you with another short video of Oreo - in his favourite place to hang out these days: the kitchen sink. 

Thanks for visiting today! Hope your week is filled with fun and creativity!

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