Wednesday, 24 February 2016

WOYWW #351: Playing with Golden Open Medium

Even at this time yesterday, I wasn't sure what to post for WOYWW today as I had nothing on my desk to show. Then the post arrived with my order of Golden's Open Medium, which I wanted to try on the Gelli Plate and my problem was instantly solved! Not only that, but they sent me a bigger bottle (237ml instead of 119ml) so I'm happy! I'm assuming they did that on purpose, right? I don't need to tell them, right? Right! OK, then! Shhhhh!

So this is what my desk looked like 45 minutes after getting the post:

And here it is from a distance with my prints scattered on the floor:

I wanted to try a technique to paint directly on the gelli plate, but it didn't quite work as I expected. Then I started fooling around stamping with the mini gelli plates on top of a larger one, and although my prints were not amazing, I really loved the look I got on my pallet paper, that I used for mixing the acrylics with the slow-drying medium. Here are some of my results. I don't think I could have achieved the same effect without the medium, because the paint would have dried on me a lot sooner.

Here are some of my prints as well:


Oreo news: it was such a nice spring day yesterday, I decided to let Oreo explore the garden under supervision. He's 5 months old now and never been outside! He's not neutered or microchipped, so we can't let him roam outdoors just yet. We'll have him "done" within the next few weeks, so he can go out more. He was so timid at first but I could tell he was also very excited. I shot a video of him smelling fresh air for the first time from the doorway (you can just about see my gelli prints in the background!) - then my son shot a video of him watching the same footage on the PC monitor this morning! I don't think Oreo realized it was him on the screen! He did go out into the garden a bit later, but ran back in before I had a chance to film him.

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