Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Let's Play: Butterflies with micro beads

As I was going through my stash the other day, I bumped into a set of micro beads I purchased on eBay a while ago and never used them. I thought they would be perfect for Carolyn Dube's Let's Play link party, where the theme this month is neglected art supplies.

These beads are very very tiny and impossible to handle. A bit like glitter, really. In fact, you apply them pretty much the same way - just sprinkle them on a sticky surface and shake off the excess. Here's a photo of my set. They come in these cute little vials.

I used the silver ones on three of my altered angel cards to form the body of my butterflies. I used some ball chains for the antennae with similar beads. It would have been impossible to line up the micro beads manually! The background was made with leftover paint on deli paper and additional paint applied with a spatula. The butterflies were printed from the Internet. The words were inspired by the messages on the back of the cards. As a finishing touch, I splattered white ink all over the cards for a more distressed feel.

Hope you like my altered cards and feel inspired to create something with your neglected art supplies. If you do, don't forget to link up with Carolyn on her website below.

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