Friday, 5 February 2016

Inspiration Wednesday: Fragile

This week's Inspiration Wednesday encouraged us to use more colours than of late. I used the same colours as Donna (Golden's Nickel Azo Yellow, Paynes Grey and Quinacridone Magenta), yet I ended up with a very different look. I laughed when Donna likened the Nickel Azo Yellow to "baby poop" LOL! And I never understood why Golden's Paynes Grey is actually blue!

I added some texture paste stenciling, stamping, bits of masking tape, ephemera and gesso to my page. I may have overdone the gesso a bit, but it's all about experimenting. I like how Donna is sometimes indecisive herself, and then just says, oh what the heck, let's just do it!

Here's my IW page for this week, full of oopsies (it took me several tries to get the stenciling barely acceptable and I managed to remove too much of the magenta glaze in all the wrong places). I can't say I love the entire page, but I like bits of it. I definitely like the idea of splitting the page with two contrasting colours.

I took too many photos and couldn't decide which ones to keep. They are all from different angles and perspectives, even though they might look the same ;)

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