Friday, 12 February 2016

LifeBook Week07: Two faces

Week 07 of LifeBook came with two bonus lessons. Donna Downey showed us how to paint using just black and white acrylics, while Tam generously offered yet another of her extra bonus lessons, a colourful dream/affirmation board.

Donna's project included a monochrome painting of some flowers in a vase, which looked really cool, but she encouraged us to paint whatever we like in black and white. A few people in the Facebook group created portraits for this lesson and I really liked that idea. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pull it off but I felt fearless and ready for the challenge.

This project took me waaaaay out of my comfort zone - in fact, my comfort zone was so far behind, it was just a tiny dot on the horizon, eeeks! The process very much reminded me of Annie Hamman's Fearless Painting lesson, and I did say I was going to try it again, so true to my word here it is combined with Donna's monochrome technique.

I only used mars black, payne's grey and titanium white acrylics. I did start with a rough sketch to get the proportions right, but after that it was just brushes and paint. As a finishing touch I added a stamped butterfly and a collaged crown for a more "mixed-media" feel.

Tam's lesson was a lot more colourful, and involved collaged flowers and butterflies. The face was painted over my own photo, though obviously, it looks nothing like me. The words represent affirmations of what I want to attract in my life. I deliberately didn't ask for anything specific - if last year has taught me anything, it is this: Be careful what you wish for. What you think you want may not be what you need! Here's the picture I created with this in mind, following Tam's prompts:

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