Wednesday, 30 September 2015

WOYWW #330: Mixed Media Canvas 'Believe'

Hi deskers, I'm a bit late joining today as I did not prepare my post in advance last night. I did manage to take a couple of photos though of the mess while I was working on a new canvas titled 'Believe'. It was inspired by a LifeBook lesson on intuitive painting, but it is also a combination of many other influences, too many to mention!

So here's my desk as it was yesterday afternoon, and again a few hours later. I managed to complete the canvas before going to bed and even hung it in my bedroom! Sit back and relax - there are lots of photos to follow (by clicking on the first one you can launch the image gallery and just cycle through them).  I will even show you my new photography station, which I set up in the conservatory - kind of a behind the scenes peek!

Thanks for stopping by today! If you just stumbled upon my post and have no idea what WOYWW means, you can check it out here and perhaps join next week! Have a great Wednesday Everyone!

I had to cover the canvas with book paper because I messed up my first attempt!
That's a Thomas Hardy classic ripped into pieces!

Some progress made with the background by the evening

My photography station. I'm using two A1 foam boards for the background.

My canvas hanging in the bedroom.

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