Wednesday, 23 September 2015

WOYWW #329: Last week's projects plus a mysterious stalker(!)

It's Wednesday again and that can only mean one thing: WOYWW! Well, in my case, What Was On My Dining Table Yesterday Afternoon. This is what my work space looked like while working on this week's LifeBook project.

Not terribly exciting, so I'd rather show you my desk a few hours later. I have a self-imposed rule according to which I have to clear my space after each project before I can blog about it. So after tidying up and staging my completed projects for the sake of this blog post, this is what I ended up with:

  • The heron picture was last week's LifeBook assignment. You can see more of it here.
  • The orange canvas board was a birthday card for my son. You  can read about it here.
  • The page on the left is what I'd just finished for LifeBook. More info here.
Don't feel you have to visit all these links, by the way, they're just there for reference. But I have to say, you'd see some amazing photos of a dragonfly (if I may say so myself!) in my birthday card post! 

Also on the table is the packaging of a new Kindle Paper White, which I bought for my son's birthday with double-value Tesco vouchers for just £16! Last year he got an iPod touch that only cost me £9! Tesco always seem to run these double-value voucher events around his birthday, so it works out perfectly for us. Every little helps, hey? It's quite a big help, actually. I also started ordering all our food online now that they have £1 delivery slots, which frees up a lot of time for me. I can't fault their service, either. Hopefully, they will start paying their empoyees the living wage as opposed to the minimum wage - then I'll be an even bigger fan!

Here's my son reading his brand new Kindle. So much better than a new Xbox game!

Now onto my mysterious online stalker! I noticed there were quite a few hits on my blog from Mountain View, California. I don't know anyone who lives in California, so I couldn't imagine who it could be. There were so many hits at one time, I worried that I may have got some unhealthy amount of attention from someone. Then it dawned on me: it's Google! Their headquaters are in Mountain View, California. I'm being stalked by a Google bot, which can only be a good thing. They probably come to index my pages, so yay!

Hope you enjoyed your visit today. Sorry it was a bit long-winded. Sometimes I fear I have nothing to talk about, and then I just can't shut up, LOL! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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