Wednesday, 9 September 2015

WOYWW #327: Change of Plans

Hello deskers! Perhaps it's not too late for me to join this week's WOYWW, having missed #326 last week. Previously, I told you about our imminent house move. Well, there has been a change of plans in the 11th hour. Due to a number of reasons and unforseen circumstances, we're staying in our old house for the time being, possibly until my son finishes primary school. I must say, I am relieved (though somewhat disappointed) and my son's happy to be back in his old school for now, so all is good.

I can still show you what "would have been" my new craft room, though. I have now transferred everything back to it's old place and I'll be back crafting again at our long-suffering dining table soon. Luckily, we did a thorough and ruthless decluttering in our old house, so we actually have a lot more space than I ever thought possible.

The eaves storage would have been perfect for my "really useful" boxes and a couple of those old chest of drawers. I also bought a rainbow coloured tower unit from HobbyCraft - I'd always wanted one! It's extremely useful for storing bits and pieces. I finally have a place for my stencils where they are easily accessible. I also got a sewing machine from my hubby for my last birthday. When I told him it was for sewing paper, he did the face-palm gesture. Oh well, I might try using it for something useful as well.

Eaves storage 
Some new additions 
Bedroom connected to the craft room (will miss the balcony - will keep the chair!)
I hope to be able to share some art next week. Finally, things seem to be calming down a bit around here and getting into some kind of routine after all the upheaval in the summer. Thanks for visiting! Happy desk hopping!

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