Sunday, 27 September 2015

LifeBook Catch-Up Week 36: Finding Strength

Week 36 of LifeBook was taught by the mega-talented Donna Downey. I found this lesson rather challenging and I'm not sure I did such a good job with it. But I did my best, and that's what matters! I didn't have the stencil Donna was using, so I sketched my girl and turned her into a mermaid as I wasn't sure how to do her legs. Originally, I saw this version on Facebook, so it's not my idea, but it solved my dilemma.

The part I struggled with the most was the scribble writing. I used up three pieces of watercolour paper on both sides (that is six attempts!) and I still didn't like my handwriting. In the end I settled on one that I least hated and created my page. It's not brilliant, but there are parts of it I like. It's all part of my learning journey.

On the plus side, I used one of my failed attempts to create a page with the fun technique that Roben-Marie Smith showed us in week 39. I just collaged over the page using the "failed" artwork as my first layer. Now I can do this to all my failures and turn them into successful projects! Here's what I created with a little inspirational note to myself:

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