Sunday, 31 January 2016

Wanderlust Book: January

Every two weeks, we get a prompt on Wanderlust to inspire us to create a journal page for our Wanderlust Book. I'm using my old WOIW journal, which is a small, wirebound book with simple kraft paper inside. There's still plenty of space left in it to accommodate all my Wanderlust pages this year.

The January prompts were: 1) one word that describes me today and 2) what I really want is...

As you will see, my two pages are quite different from each other. One is my usual colourful/happy/simple style, while the other is a more muted/grungy/"experimental" style, heavily influenced by Donna Downey and somewhat by Kasia as well, at Everything Art.

I was feeling hopeful when I created the first page back in early January: hopeful for the New Year and specifically because I was hoping to hear positive news about a job interview I had attended. Since then I had learned that I didn't get the job, but hey-ho, I'm still feeling hopeful! It has occurred to me that without having art to fall back on, the rejection would have been a lot more painful. Now I'm thinking, at least I have more time to create art and I intend to take full advantage of it as well!

My second page expresses a yearning to achieve creative freedom. Freedom from my own fears, inhibitions, lack of self-confidence, lack of ambition, etc. I also want my creative time to be guilt-free, so I can enjoy it without having to seek permission or approval from my environment, specifically my husband, who's not always entirely supportive of my artistic endeavours.

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