Monday, 25 January 2016

LifeBook Week03: 47 years of Wisdom

This was a lovely LifeBook lesson by Melody Ross titled 'Your Sacred Box of Wisdom'. Her colourful, whimsical art is well within my comfort zone and very close to my own "style" if I have one at all. I've joined her Brave Girls Club, which sends me daily inspirational emails. Check it out, it's free!

Fast approaching my 47th birthday (did I really say that out loud?), this lesson came just in time for me to reflect on all the wisdom I've gathered so far. When I sat down to write down my thoughts I was surprised how easily they flowed out of me - quicker than I could type, in fact! If only I had known some of these things when I was younger - life could have been much easier!

I followed Melody's sketch for the composition, but I mostly added my own textures and colours to it. I quite like how the (almost) primary colour scheme works on my page. It wasn't something I had planned - it just happened this way. The box is painted gold, which shimmers in certain light conditions, along with the stickles added to the butterflies. I've tried to show this in one of the photos. I've also used book papers, raffle tickets, napkins and washi tape as collage pieces for added interest, and there's also some stamping in the background. I chose numbers for the raffle tickets that are significant to me.

I loved this lesson and it's one of those pages that will remain close to my heart in years to come!

The gold paint and stickles shimmer in the light.

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