Saturday, 30 January 2016

LifeBook Week05: A Vessel Full of Tenderness

A Vessel Full of Tenderness is the title of the lesson for Week05 of LifeBook by Pauline Agnew. I didn't think I would enjoy this lesson as much as I did, because I wouldn't normally paint flowers in a vase, though I like to feature whimsy flowers in my art. I'm not sure I did this lesson "right" as it looks nothing like what we were supposed to paint but I sure had fun with the process! I realize it's very busy and perhaps not so easy on the eyes, so proceed at your own risk.

I added the raffle ticket and some stamping on the background for a more "mixed-media" feel. Underneath all that paint there's an old map, but I'm afraid I managed to completely obliterate it with all this paint on top.

I'm happy with my efforts, but's it's becoming increasingly evident that I'm never going to be a "great" painter, nor am I aiming to be. I just like playing with textures and colours!

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