Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WOYWW #344: Happy New Year!

Well, this is it - my first WOYWW post for 2016! Happy New Year to everyone I haven't had a chance to bump into in cyberspace since 2015. Hope you all had a good break and now everything is back to its normal routine.

Here's a photo of my desk yesterday. I FINALLY managed to bind my LifeBook. The binding rings I was missing to complete the task came much earlier from overseas than I expected, so I'm a happy bunny! I will post a separate entry dedicated to my lifebook with a full flip-through soon. I will also have to find a permanent space for it to be stored/displayed. No easy feat as it is quite bulky.

You can also see some other bits and pieces on my desk, but nothing interesting to mention, other than perhaps those three backgrounds I did on my altered cards. I like working on them in threes. I haven't had a chance to finish them yet. I am a little bit overwhelmed with my online art classes at the moment - so much is going on all of a sudden - I'm just trying to keep my head above water! But it's all good! I usually get depressed around this time of year - now I don't have time for the blues!

I do have a completed project to share with you today. If you remember a few weeks ago I showed you a couple of half finished pages, one of them with the photo of the Afghan girl out of an old NatGeo magazine. I painted over the photo so now she's unrecognizable! I finished this spread a while ago, but never shared it - now is the perfect opportunity!

The feathers actually cover up an oopsie, but you couldn't tell if I hadn't told you! The face is a bit wrinkly due to the multiple collage layers, but, hey, who cares?


Of course, I can't leave without sharing a couple of photos of Oreo as well. He's growing up so quick. These were actually taken a few weeks ago and he's already so much bigger! Cats have a special talent of looking cushy - Oreo is demonstrating how to do this in the first photo. In the second one, he's showing you how to look shifty!


Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you all have a great year to look forward to!

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