Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOYWW 299: Last week's projects and happy mail

We're closing in on the 300th What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday rapidly now. One more week to go! I hope to make it next week, it would be a shame to miss it! Such a round number only comes about every two years, which tells me WOYWW must have been running for at least 6 years, though I only joined earlier this year. Anyone is welcome to join in this fun blog hop, just head over to Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground to find out the details!

I expect you guys want to see my messy desk first. This is what it looked like on Monday afternoon. I was working on my latest LifeBook project, while munching on a piece of banana cake. I had to blur out a tag in that tray on the right, because it is part of a tag swap I'm taking part in and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Since my last post, I bought another few bottles of Golden fluid acrylics while they were on offer and I made that orange box to store them in. The problem is, there's room for another six bottles! I like things to line up neatly, don't you?  Though I try not to be too specific about it, LOL. Here's the pic of my desk:

And here's another pic of my work space on Tuesday afternoon with all of last week's projects laid out, including the one I was working on the previous day. You can find all these projects under the LifeBook/DLP/WOIW tabs in my menu bar. (I'm too lazy to include links to each like I normally do plus I can feel a headache developing - hopefully, its just a mild one that will pass quickly).

Also on my desk is a surprise delivery: happy mail! It came just as I was staging my stuff for this shot. Talk about perfect timing! All the way from Canada! I couldn't imagine who it was from. I completely forgot about the RAK I won a few weeks ago from our very own WOYWW-er Nikki C.  Thank you Nikki, I love all the items you sent me, especially your cute card! Here's a closer look:

That's it folks! Thanks so much for visiting! I'll do my rounds a bit later today as I've got somewhere to go this morning. Remember that job interview I had two weeks ago? Well, it looks like I got that job - well, actually there was no specific job to get - I just went there for a chat to see if  I had anything to offer that they might need. And looks like they will take me on, temporarily at least, but with prospects of going permanent. It's nothing glamorous, just picking and packing online orders but here's the sweetener: it's with Jackson's Art Supplies! They have a warehouse in a business park not far from where I live. I will be surrounded by art supplies all day long!  I couldn't ask for anything better than that, really!  I'm sure I can get a discount as well, or at least get my hands on the best deals. I'll have to be careful not to spend my entire pay cheque though, LOL!

My only concern is that now I won't have enough time to create and blog, but I know many of you also work full time and still manage somehow and I find that encouraging. Wish me luck!

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