Wednesday, 25 January 2017

WOYWW #399: Blog revamp and motion portrait

Don't you just love numbers ending with 99? I think they're much more exciting than the round numbers. The big #400 of WOYWW is just around the corner, but I thought what better opportunity to revamp my blog header than in celebration of  #399! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but having lost my original Photoshop template, I was putting it off, knowing that I had to do it all over again from scratch. It's ready now and I even gave myself a new favicon to replace the generic Blogger one.

There's not much on my desk at the moment. All week I've been working on portraits for a LifeBook lesson. I've made five of them, not really satisfied with the results. Anyway, it's all part of my journey and good practice. This shot of my desk was taken earlier in the week. Oreo is blissfully asleep on top of my art journal while I was working on my paintings.

These are the five portraits I've made with varying success, in chronological order. If you want to read about my struggles in more detail, just check out my previous post

Last night I started paying with an online app called Motion Portrait. You can upload your photos and animate them. I'd known about a different version of this, but now they've made it even better with the head moving towards the cursor and the facial expressions changing ever so slightly. It is quite magical (and more than a little weird) to see your own creations come to life like this. Of course, you can use a photo of a real person as well, just make sure it's a forward facing headshot. You can't download the file, but I was able to film the screen and put it on YT to show you. 

That's it for today!
I'm learning to keep my WOYWW posts short and sweet!
I'll be around visiting shortly! 

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