Friday, 13 January 2017

LifeBook Week02 (Part 2): Song of the Hummingbird

This is the second bonus lesson of this week's LifeBook offerings, by Tamara herself. We've certainly been kept busy so far this year and I'm just glad to be able to keep up with all this amazing inspiration!

Tam's hummingbird lesson involved collaged feathers cut from patterned paper, each representing a positive affirmation. The biggest challenge for me was the choosing of the papers. I auditioned several sheets and even cut shapes out of each, only to settle on this simple two-way design. I decided less was more in this case.

Drawing the hummingbird was quite simple, but I still managed to mess up - this is my second version. Yes, it still happens, but I'm quite happy with it now. I like its colour harmony and simplicity. I added a few drops of stickles too to make it a bit sparkly and special. Again, with glitter, less is always more!

Wishing you a lucky Friday the 13th!

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