Wednesday, 11 January 2017

WOYWW #397: Altered book cover redone

I was hoping for a quiet, relaxing morning writing this blog post, but it wasn't meant to be! My son announced five minutes before he had to leave for school (still in his PJs!) that he couldn't find his phone, which apparently is cause for an  existential crisis in a pre-teen's life. I offered to look for it while he got dressed, frantically turning everything upside down, even considering slashing the back of the sofa to have a look in case it fell down inside it (it's destined for the scrapheap anyway) - but no joy. So he left huffing and puffing and not in a very good mood. As soon as he left, I spotted his phone, on charge, where he normally charges it! Urrrggghhh!

Anyways, after a major clean-up session prompted by the horrors I had discovered behind the sofa, here I am ready to share my desk on WOYWW! I have not one but two shots of my desk to show you. Remember that altered book cover from last week? I decided that it didn't match the style my book was moving towards, so I completely redesigned it by covering it with a piece of batik. And no, I didn't feel sorry to see the previous cover go. I have the photos to remember it by. Here I am, trying to decide which fabric to use. (OK, I'll admit it, this shot was totally staged, just so I could show you the first spread in my book, which you can find out more about here.)

A little while later, Oreo appeared on the scene, overseeing the proceedings, like he always has to. He (in)conveniently settled on top of my batiks. (In case you're wondering what's in that snowmen box - it houses all my washi tapes. It's screaming out for an alteration, isn't it?)

And this is my new book cover shown from different angles. It will inevitably get splattered with paints and inks, but I don't mind. The messier, the better. I plan to use this book for my Wanderlust journal spreads throughout the year. 

Oreo had another photo shoot. I have to grab the camera whenever the opportunity presents itself, as it's not something you can plan for. 

And finally, here's a little cat cartoon from my hubby's Engineering and Technology journal, of all places! (I realize it's copyrighted, but perhaps I can get away with it in the name of sharing with just the handful of people reading my blog!)

Happy Wednesday!

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