Friday, 6 January 2017

LifeBook Week01: Star Girl

Another year, another LifeBook. This is my third year running and I'm not ready to give up any time soon. It has become a bit of an addiction, but what better thing to be addicted to than making art, hey?

The first week brought us the customary warm up lesson with Tam where we chose a word that will accompany us during the year, followed by the main lesson, Star Girl.

I chose my word 'evolve' back in November and stuck with it for the time being. It signifies the process of development in my life as well as in my art. It's similar to my 2015 word 'progress' with the key difference of it being less intentional. I've realized that I was putting too much emphasis on goals and aims, whereas evolution is a natural process. This year I will let my future and the direction of my life and art unfurl naturally. Come to think of it 'unfurl' would also be a good word for the year ahead!

This is the page I created to support my intentions, along with a symbol that will be featured in my art throughout the year.

The main lesson included journalling of all the things we want to leave behind from last year, covered by collage and paint for the background. The main figure, Star Girl is bringing forward all the good things and memories we want to keep. For me they were art, family and happiness. They are all in the basket next to her. 

When working on lessons, it's a bit tricky to bring your own voice into them. Sometimes I deviate so much that my project becomes unrecognizable, but with Tam's lessons I always feel compelled to follow the composition closely, perhaps because they're always so pretty! I did manage to smuggle in a few of my own ideas though. I added mica flakes for star dust, painted the stars and bows metallic gold and used real twine for the handle of the basket. I think these personal touches are important to make the project a little bit mine too, even though the girl is clearly recognizable as a 'Tam' girl. Here she is:

Good start to 2017! I'm also doing Wanderlust and hope to juggle the two courses side by side, while working on some projects of my own at the same time, whenever the fancy takes me! 

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