Monday, 16 January 2017

Wanderlust week02: Making Magic with Mary Wangerin

We had a wonderful lesson this week on Wanderlust by Mary Wangerin, which was my first introduction to this lovely artist. This is exactly why I take these classes: to be exposed to a wide variety of styles by different artists around the world! Mary created a piece of intuitive art with a focal point of a mandala in the middle. My picture turned out quite different from hers, but I adopted the circle focal point idea. I worked on a large piece of cardboard, and I'm thinking of redoing  this lesson in my journal in a different format.

First, I'll show you my completed project and if you scroll down, I've posted a progress slideshow as well to show you how my layers built up. Unfortunately, I couldn't take photos of the last few layers, as it got dark on me, so there's a big step at the end, but you'll get the idea.

If you want to make similar animated GIFs, here's a link to Giphy

Enjoy your week! 

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