Wednesday, 20 July 2016

WOYWW #372: Heatwave!!!

Those of us who live in the UK have been enjoying a mini heatwave this week. I'm not sure "enjoying" is the right word, though. I have very low tolerance of heat and cold - a bit like Goldilocks - I like it "just right". Having survived the scorching 35C heat yesterday, I'm here for another round of WOYWW.  Julia is back this week (yay!) and Jan can breathe a sigh of relief having been entrusted with the responsibilities of deputy head desker for the past few weeks.

I have two desk photos to share today. The first one was taken on Monday afternoon. As you can see I have moved out onto the patio again for some al fresco arting. And yes, that's a drop of rose in a champagne glass. I like to do things in style, even at 3 pm, LOL! I could deny it and say it was just fruit juice, but that would be lying. Well, it is fruit juice in a way! The artwork you can see is a preview of a new page for my LifeBook - I will unveil it later this week. It involved burning (!) some paper.

My second desk shot was taken at quarter to nine last night. My son was keeping me company while I did some abstract doodling. I haven't done this sort of doodling for a while and it was so nice and relaxing to get back into it. It was lovely sitting outside while the air cooled down a little.

The inspiration came from an online tutorial that I saw on Creativebug, which works on the basis of a monthly subscription. It's only $4.99 a month, with a two-week free trial. You can watch as many videos as you like and save one to your library each month for forever access, even if you cancel your subscription. I'm still on my free trial - I signed up because I wanted to have access to a Flora Bowley video, but I've discovered lots of other interesting classes as well, so I might keep it going for a while. 

Some of you pointed out the absence of Oreo last week, so I'll make up for it this week. Look what I've found in the shop! They're heavenly!

And here's the real thing - Oreo, the cat, has taken residence on top of my drawer unit, inside my bits and bobs tray. He actually jumps from the floor - I saw him do it! I often find him there in the morning, so I expect he sleeps there all night. It doesn't look very comfortable!

Thanks for stopping by! 
I hope today will be less hot for those of you in the UK -
at least there's a nice breeze outside.
Enjoy your day, whichever part of the globe you're visiting from!

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