Wednesday, 27 July 2016

WOYWW #373: Design your own fabric!

I can't believe it's that time of week again when we converge on the Stamping Ground to share a shot of our desk for WOYWW. Here's one I took this morning, followed by a shot of my outside table that is in stark contrast of the one I took last week, as the weather has turned cooler and wetter, but I think it's quite atmospheric:

On my work desk/dining table you can see the beginning of a background in my Inspiration Wednesday journal. There's also a new purchase in the shape of a pair of pinking shears. I refused to shell out £30 for a Fiskars one, so I bought a cheaper version on Amazon. They're pretty good - I can't fault them.

Also on my desk are some printed fabric swatches I ordered from Prinfab. You can design your own fabric and they will print it for you! You can also make your designs public and earn a commission if anyone orders it. I wanted to try this service so I ordered some 20 cm square pieces at 99p each with my own artwork on it. I'm pretty impressed with the quality! The colours are true to the original ones and the prints are nice and sharp. They also sent me a free sample pack of the available materials. Here are some close ups of the prints I received. I can cut these up and reuse them in tags, ATCs or on journal pages. Or I could sew them together to make quilts, pouches, bags, cushion covers, etc, which is something I still have to learn. The last two were digitally altered to make a seamless pattern based on parts of this piece.

I plan to use the smaller prints on ATCs. Perhaps I will stitch them on. They would look something like this:

I'm very excited about the possibilities of designing my own fabric! I have tried printing on fabric before, but I never got good results with my laser jet. Perhaps it would work better with an inkjet, but I doubt I would get such good quality prints as these. I would also like to learn more about fabric design as I find this field fascinating. I expect it's very similar to making digital paper, which I already dabbled in, so I have some ideas how it might work.

Thanks for visiting! Happy WOYWW! Somehow I managed to be the same number on the blog hop list as last week, #28! Oops, I almost forgot - here's an arty shot of Oreo in the garden:

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