Wednesday, 6 July 2016

WOYWW #370: Grungy gelli printed ATCs

I'm so gutted I missed #369 - that's my number!!! But here I am for WOYWW #370 coming to us from LLJ's for now while Julia continues her recovery.

I have to cheat a little this week - my photo shows my desk last Friday, instead of this morning. It was so gloriously messy, I couldn't resist taking a photo. I had completely lost myself gelli printing these grungy ATC backgrounds and ATC sized envelopes. There's something about this grunginess that makes me go grrrrr! I find them almost orgasmic! I used prussian blue, burnt umber, teal, nickel azo gold and some titanium white to get this grungy look.

While I was at it, I also painted some cardboard mailers. I simply cleaned off my brayer on them and then used a mandala stencil with some white paint on top. Aren't they marvellous? As you know, I quite often criticise my own work, but I really-really like these for some reason! Maybe because they're so random. Here's a closer look at the mailers:

And here are some (I mean lots of!) photos of the ATC backgrounds and mini envelopes! I just couldn't get enough of them! Launch the gallery for a closer look:

I have turned some of these into ready-made ATCs, but I can't share them yet. I will do in due course! Thanks for stopping by! Here's one last photo of our garden - see if you can spot Oreo somewhere!

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