Sunday, 6 March 2016

3-in-1: The last three pages in my Play Journal

This is a picture-heavy post! I've finished my first ever "proper" art journal. I'd completed some mini journals before, and of course last year's LifeBook, but I consider this one to be my first art journal that isn't based on a class or a course. It's all my own, although I was obviously influenced by other artists along the way. All the previous pages have been published on my blog, and I'm planning to do a flip-through later to tie them all together. For now here are the last three pages, in reverse chronological order, with a short explanation for each.

Trust, Faith, Hope

This is quite a dark page and I wasn't entirely sure where it was going while I was working on it.The black and white butterfly was an oopsie for a previous project - my printer sometimes decides to print in black and white instead of colour. When I auditioned this colourless butterfly, I quite liked it against the gelli print background, so I went along with the b&w theme. However, I didn't want it to be too depressing, so I added some inspirational words to turn the page into a positive message.

A drop of  HAPPINESS

This page started out as a brayer clean off sheet. I'd had this pink background sitting in my journal for a few months before I revisited it. The figure is a magazine cut-out that I painted over and turned her into an angel. I only wish she was a bit more angelic looking! She looks more like a strict school teacher! But perhaps that's a good thing when an angel wants to teach you a lesson in life! The happiness dropper suggests that the state of being happy is a drop by drop process. If you can find joy in little things in life, it will accumulate into a pot of happiness over time!


This page was more like a technique practice than an expression of feelings, inspired by Donna Downey. Whenever I make three figures, characters or symbols, I inadvertently start thinking about my immediate family, especially when they are small, large and medium in size, reminding me of my son, my husband and me. Thus, the title 'unity'. We make a small, tight-knit family unit of three. 

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I plan to publish a flip-through of my completed journal soon!

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