Tuesday, 8 March 2016

LifeBook Week10: Unexpected Mystery

Week 10 of LifeBook brought us a fun journalling lesson by Mary Beth Shaw, founder of Stencil Girl.  Not surprisingly, she used lots of stenciling in her lesson, in conjunction with collaging, painting and journalling. I loved her technique of looking for words in the book pages we used for collage. I chose two of the words that I'd found and titled my page after them: Unexpected Mystery. The numbers 8 and 179 also came from my book pages. I think they were the chapter and page numbers.

I stamped the word MYSTERY and the numbers with my old foam stamps instead of stencilling them. It was a lucky find to stumble upon these stamps while looking for collage papers in my stash - I almost forgot I had them! They were perfect for this project.

It was quick and easy to put this page together. I felt exhilarated and went splashing paint all over the place in my excitement. I managed to clean it up afterwards (just in case my hubby's reading this)! I think I have achieved the lesson's aim to be in the present - I could feel it and loved every minute of it!

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