Sunday, 20 March 2016

LifeBook Week 11: Trust

I'm running a week behind with my LifeBook pages. This lesson was released last week by Tam. As usual, it was very in-depth, complete with meditation and step-by step guidelines to help those of us who need them. I find I need the instructions less and less as I progress on my journey, but I still rely on them a great deal.

Perhaps faces are not my forte, but I'm hoping that my skills are slowly improving. I know I will never be a portrait artist, nor would I want to, but I like drawing these Tam-style whimsy faces. Maybe some day, I might even find my own style.

This lesson was all about being grounded in the present and embracing our feelings. Tam encouraged us to write a free form poem about how we are feeling in the moment. We then used bits of this poem in our artwork. This made this project very personal to me. My poem was about trusting that everything works out for the best in the end. You can see bits of it hidden in my picture.

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