Wednesday, 4 November 2015

WOYWW #335: Journal pages and a 3D map of Australia

Can it be true that it's Wednesday again? I had to check my calendar twice to make sure. It seems like yesterday I wrote my last WOYWW post. Where did the last seven days go? I'm here again to share my work desk with you:

Let's start in the bottom left corner, working our way around clockwise. Those are two new pages in progress in my "play" journal, which I use for quick projects on top of my gelli plate clean-off  pages. Above that is a sketch for this week's LifeBook project. Those are not Copics in that box on top of it, by the way, just Stabilo All pencils, which were sent in a Copics box for some reason. You can also spot some Gallery oil pastels - these are very cheap and great quality - creamy and vibrant. Also some fluid acrylics and a stack of pages for my new cardboard journal. More about this in another post. In the bottom right corner you can see my pallet sheet - it's a piece of deli paper, which I can use for collaging later, once it served its purpose. This way, not a drop of paint goes to waste!

By the time I was writing this blog post I had completed those two pages, so I can share them with you here:

My journal is filling up nicely!
I would also like to share a special project we completed over the half-term holiday. This is a twist on a homework task for my son. They're learning about Australia and they had to draw a map of the country. We did a 3D version of the map showing the landscape based on the idea we found on the Hobby Craft blog. I realize this is not to scale and people living in Australia will see that it doesn't look much like the actual landscape, and we didn't do the islands around the coast line.  Even though the map is not very accurate, it was very educational for me. I didn't realise Australia had such big mountains! I thought there were just the desert and coastal areas. Here's our project mounted on a piece of foam board made with air-drying clay and painted with acrylics. We used a piece of bubble wrap to texturize the ocean. My son was so proud to take this to school with him!

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