Wednesday, 11 November 2015

WOYWW #336: Projects in Progress

I'm writing this a bit later than I planned because my son got sent home from school today. Not because he was naughty, mind, but because he was not feeling well. He's downstairs now watching telly and he seems ok - not shaky and dizzy any more. He's probably just going through a growth spurt, that's what it is. Exact same thing happened to me when I was his age, so I'm not worried.

I still have time to join this week's WOYWW. I took this picture of my desk last night. It shows several of my PIPs (projects/play in progress). I'll walk you through them starting in the bottom left corner, working my way through in clockwise direction. (If you click on the photo you can see it in full screen resolution.)

  • In the bottom left corner is a gelli print with punched out circles and squares. I was just testing my new Woodware punches. I used to have loads of these, but sold them all years ago when I got my Cameo, thinking I can cut anything on that in any size - which is true, but I didn't realise that I can't get the machine going every time I need a circle! So these basic punches will come in handy. I'll probably need a few more in larger sizes. I can also hand cut circles and squares, of course, but sometimes I need those precise lines that only die-cutting can produce.
  • Above the gelli print are a few tags that I used for testing some Paperartsy fresco paints with the crackle medium. I'm well impressed! I will turn these into proper tags later.
  • In the middle of my desk is a cute little Princeton Catalyst mini tool for spreading gel medium. I hate using a brush for this - I usually just spread it with my fingers, but I saw Carolyn Dube demonstrate this and I wanted to try it! It came all the way from the US a couple of days ago.
  • In the top right corner is my new journal made entirely of recycled cardboard! This is the closest I've ever come to completing a journal. I've diligently worked on this project for the past two weeks as part of Carolyn Dube's free workshop. You can find all the details in my previous post - along with a link to a YouTube video I made of my nearly completed journal - my very first video! 
  • Below that is a tree stencil I cut on the Cameo. I spent the entire weekend cutting stencils from images I found on the internet. This will be the subject of a separate blog post.
  • Bottom middle is the beginnings of a new journal spread and next to that are a stack of ATC's I've been working on. I will show you these below.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope I didn't go on too long. I always try to be short and sweet and I can never manage! Happy WOYWW!

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