Saturday, 9 January 2016

LifeBook Week02: Patch It Up, Make it Shine

Tam has really overwhelmed us with inspiration within just a few days into LifeBook this year! We already have four project assignments to complete. I've skipped her Happy Traveller lesson to jump straight into week two. I will do it later, most definitely - I wouldn't want to miss it but it's one of those lessons that requires more time to complete.

This week, Ivy Newport's lesson 'Patch It Up, Make It Shine' was calling to me. Her wonderful collage technique is straight up my street! It inspired me to try three things that were firsts for me:
  • I used one of my art journals for this LB lesson, instead of a single sheet of watercolour paper. I just thought this project perfectly suited my journal and I already had a background in mind for it. I might recreate it in a larger format for my book or I might just print it for inclusion later.
  • Instead of using original magazine cut-outs, I first took photos and then manipulated them in Photoshop to suit the size and colour tone of my project. This opens up a whole world of possibilities and has the advantage that I can use the same image in multiple projects.
  • The lesson introduced me to the use of mica flakes, which I never knew existed. I love them! I will definitely be using them from now on!

Here's my page with some close up shots to show the shimmer in the mica flakes and the metallic paint. I used Lumiere's Sunset Gold for the angel's hair and wings. The angel, doorway and watch are magazine images.

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