Wednesday, 29 January 2020

WOYWW #556: My (relatively) tidy craft room

I thought I'd better check in today after 4 weeks of absence so you wouldn't think that I've completely disappeared. I'm taking an unplanned breather from crafting and blogging. No particular reason - we all need a break from time to time even from things that we enjoy - and I know from experience that I always come back with a vengeance with fresh creative ideas.

Although I haven't got anything creative to show you today, I can boast about my tidy craft room. It took me a couple of weeks to declutter. Not because it was such a big job,  but because I kept putting it off.  There comes a point when you feel so suffocated by all that stuff around you that it starts weighing you down. I ruthlessly got rid of a lot of scraps (cardboard, die-cuts, magazine cut-outs, bits of rubbish, etc|) that I was holding onto for future projects. I will admit though, that on second thought I retrieved some of them from the recycling box after throwing them out LOL!

Now that my room is (relatively) tidy, I feel refreshed and so much lighter! Here are some photos of my entire craft room shown from all angles. I go in there every day to admire it but I still feel reluctant to mess it up again, though I came close to it a couple of times in the past two weeks. I even got my paints out at one point to do some pouring but never got around to it. I'll get there, don't worry!  So for now, just enjoy the view - it won't look like this for long:

Happy WOYWW! I'll visit soon to find out what everyone's been up to in the past few weeks! xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

WOYWW #552: Finished Advent Journal 2019

Well, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve. I was up bright and early today - that is if you can call 8:30 bright and early. I spent the last two weeks playing catch up with Kasia's advent calendar prompts and finished my journal a week late but still before we entered the new decade with just a few hours to spare. Here's the state of my desk - this photo was taken yesterday afternoon but it looks exactly the same this morning. Yes, I know it's messy, even for me! My next project will be a major clean up operation.

Below are the pages I completed since my last post. Just scroll through them, or watch the slide show at the end. I had a bit of a journal-catastrophe on my hands when I decided to expand the spine by cutting off the back cover without thinking it through properly. Now what? Bookbinding tape to the rescue, I managed to bodge it together in the end. 

Wishing everyone all the best for 2020! xx