Wednesday 29 November 2023

WOYWW #756: November Round-Up

Hello Deskers - is it really the end of November already? It's time for my monthly round up of various projects. I haven't been as productive as in October, but I still managed to keep myself busy. I'll cut to the chase and show you what I have been working on this past month:

The November project in Roben-Marie Smith's membership programme was a patchwork collage that we turned into little notebooks. I really enjoyed working on these and they're very useful as well for taking notes. I use them to take notes while watching video tutorials.  Here are a few of them:

I scanned the collage sheet before turning it into book covers, so I can still use bits of it in other projects. Even the back looked pretty cool, although I had no control over the outcome. Here's an example of front and back:

I printed some of my scans and the colours turned out quite a bit different, but I don't mind. Here's a comparison:

Inspired by someone in the Roben's Nest FB group, I played with alcohol inks on sellotape and ended up with these strips that I can use like washi tapes:

Talking of washi tapes - I've filled my advent calendar that I made a few years ago with washi tapes from Amazon without looking at them, so I don't know what's in each drawer. I can't wait to start opening them later this week! I've also got a crystal advent calendar which will add to the excitement! 

I'm thinking of doing Care December - it is still available to sign up if anyone's interested. The theme this year will be the colour blue - which happens to be my favourite colour. I've already prepped an old book cover and of course, it's blue - like most of my previous ones! I altered it with some gilding wax. I chose Kasia's simple ribbon binding method, which allows for the signatures to be removed, kind of like a traveller's journal. This is useful if you want to do some stitching on the pages. Here are a couple of photos: 

I'll finish with this picture of Oreo - he's been noticeably more needy and clingy since my son started university in Bristol - I think he misses his best friend, but not to worry, they see each other every weekend! 

That's it for now - hope you all have a good Christmas in less than 4 weeks' time! xx