Wednesday 19 September 2018

WOYWW #485: Acrylic pears and a blue shed

Hello Everyone! I managed to unintentionally skip another WOYWW last week. (I know it's a split infinitive, but where else would you put the operative word 'unintentionally'?) I prepared a post but I just wouldn't have had the time to visit and I still owed some visits from the previous week - now all taken care of, I hope, but shout if I unwittingly missed anyone!

So here I am for #485 with a quick shot of my desk over the weekend. It was my son's homework to paint/draw or create in any way a food item and he asked for some guidance. Not wanting to over complicate things, we chose to make a simple painting of a pear. We followed this tutorial, more or less.

We were not going for anything realistic, just playing with some strong colours, so it has a colour block effect. I did something similar a while ago (you can see it sitting in the window). I'm not sure my painting skills have developed anywhere in the intervening two and a half years LOL, but that's not the point anyway. Here are our pears, side by side - mine's on the left, my son's on the right and he did most of it himself. I think his came out better than mine and he's very proud of it too! (He didn't want the splatters on it, in fear of ruining it.)

Another little project I did was painting a new shed. Hubs did most of the assembly work - I was only the underdog holding things while he fastened screws and nailed things together - but I did all the painting myself - ta-da! 

Do you like the colour? It reminds me of a beach hut and it looks so much nicer than that dreary dark brown next to it covering our oil tank. We're thinking of erecting a summer house next, paint it the same blue and decorate it in a beach theme. Something to look forward to!  

Another thing to show you is the progress of my avocado tree. In just two weeks it has grown so much - look:

I may not be able to visit much today but I promise I will get back to everyone who leaves a comment eventually. Happy #485! 

Wednesday 5 September 2018

WOYWW #483: Gelli print tiles

I almost missed WOYWW again, having been caught up in back-to-school frenzy in the past few days, which resulted in not having anything new on my desk to show. However, I do have a few bits and bobs sitting on my shelf that I've never shared before, so today it's What's-On-Your-Work-Shelf-Wednesday from me! This photo was taken bright and early this morning!

It's those gelli print tiles on top of  my shelves I want to talk about today. I made them a while ago but for some reason never featured them before, though you may have seen them sitting in the background. They're just regular gelli prints stuck on 6 X 6 inch MDF tiles. The prints are on thin copy paper and adhered really well to the MDF with gel medium. They look and feel like they were printed directly on the surface. I sanded the edges and painted them gold. I might even varnish them later. Here's a closer look at each of the tiles:

Avocado update: The one I showed you originally, sadly, didn't make it, but I have another one that's in a pot now and growing nicely. 

Flower update: I received a potted rose plant from my SIL earlier in the summer. It was supposed to go outside but I didn't want to risk it in that heat so I kept it in the house and watered it every day. I had to re-pot it as it started growing like crazy and now boasts exactly a dozen beautiful rose heads! I'm keeping it in the house for now - it seems to thrive in the conservatory. 

Oreo update: Oreo loves being outside and hunt for mice. He can sit on the fence for hours waiting for his victims to appear. We have to keep the doors closed now because he started bringing them in the house to play with when they're still alive and seemingly unhurt. A very cruel game! The ones he brought home were actually the lucky ones because I was able to take them away from him and set them free as far away from his hunting ground as possible. Here's a mugshot of the the perpetrator looking a bit shifty and unapologetic: 

I'm off work today and for the first time in weeks I find myself alone in the house with hubby and son back at work and school, respectively. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet for now. I'll be around visiting soon and perhaps I can squeeze in a little crafty time as well. xx