Wednesday, 19 September 2018

WOYWW #485: Acrylic pears and a blue shed

Hello Everyone! I managed to unintentionally skip another WOYWW last week. (I know it's a split infinitive, but where else would you put the operative word 'unintentionally'?) I prepared a post but I just wouldn't have had the time to visit and I still owed some visits from the previous week - now all taken care of, I hope, but shout if I unwittingly missed anyone!

So here I am for #485 with a quick shot of my desk over the weekend. It was my son's homework to paint/draw or create in any way a food item and he asked for some guidance. Not wanting to over complicate things, we chose to make a simple painting of a pear. We followed this tutorial, more or less.

We were not going for anything realistic, just playing with some strong colours, so it has a colour block effect. I did something similar a while ago (you can see it sitting in the window). I'm not sure my painting skills have developed anywhere in the intervening two and a half years LOL, but that's not the point anyway. Here are our pears, side by side - mine's on the left, my son's on the right and he did most of it himself. I think his came out better than mine and he's very proud of it too! (He didn't want the splatters on it, in fear of ruining it.)

Another little project I did was painting a new shed. Hubs did most of the assembly work - I was only the underdog holding things while he fastened screws and nailed things together - but I did all the painting myself - ta-da! 

Do you like the colour? It reminds me of a beach hut and it looks so much nicer than that dreary dark brown next to it covering our oil tank. We're thinking of erecting a summer house next, paint it the same blue and decorate it in a beach theme. Something to look forward to!  

Another thing to show you is the progress of my avocado tree. In just two weeks it has grown so much - look:

I may not be able to visit much today but I promise I will get back to everyone who leaves a comment eventually. Happy #485! 

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