Wednesday 26 October 2022

WOYWW #699: October Update

#699! That's a great number and it falls on the last Wednesday of this month, which means it's time for me to check in with the WOYWW "crowd". So hello there! Quite a bit going on here since my last check-in. I have a brand new work desk, completely separate from my messy one! I'm not even sure how it happened but one thing led to another and I bought a new sewing machine, as the one I had was just a very basic one. However, in order to use the machine, I needed a dedicated space and my craft room is already jam packed. (I know this is something I should have considered BEFORE I made my purchase, but hey-ho, I just problem-solve as I go along!) So after some consideration, I decided to rearrange my bedroom (yes, I have my own bedroom as my husband snores terribly!) and I was able to fit in a corner desk, which allows me to set up my machine on one side and have a cutting/ironing area on the other! It's small but perfect for my purposes! So, with much excitement and fanfare, I present to you my work desk No.2! Tada! (Photo taken this morning!) 

My first little project was this quilted cushion cover made from Basic Grey's mini charm squares. Even though Basic Grey stopped producing paper, apparently, they still do fabrics! (Actually, my very first try was still on my old machine - a little pot holder, but I won't show you that - I just affectionately refer to it as the Frankenquilt LOL!) This one's still not perfect, but getting there.  A follow-up project was that fabric basket for my scraps you can see on my desk above. I didn't want to use my best fabrics in case I mess up, but it's still pretty. My husband's happy that I'm finally doing something useful, although he thought the basket would function better as a hat - he tried it on, but declined to model it for my blog! 

And just to stay true to my mixed media roots, I also cobbled up this little tag/bookmark last night using very small pieces of scraps:

While all this was going on, I also followed this year's Life Book Taster sessions on Facebook, but I only had time to compete three of the lessons which you can see below (by Jenny Grant, Melanie Rivers and Tracy Verdugo,  respectively): 

So that's the long and short of it. I'll check out your crop photos when I visit later! Have a great week and see you again in November! xx