Tuesday 26 September 2023

WOYWW #747: I'm back!

What better day to return to WOYWW than #747 - jumbo jet day! I've been gone for so long (8 months, in fact!) - it wasn't intentional - it just happened. During this time I didn't really do anything creative, though I kept myself very busy doing other things. This had happened before, so I wasn't afraid of losing my mojo - I knew it would come back with a vengeance and that's exactly what happened! 

Anyways, long story short, here I am again to share my desk with you and catch up on the current creative affairs of other desks! I'll just do a quick recap of my recent projects -

There were several challenges and free events that reignited my creative spark in September. The first one was #findyourjoy which was all about abstracts - definitely something I want to explore more! 

Using my sewing machine as an easel here!

Then there was Laly Mille's annual #paintwithlaly retreat, where we also created some mini abstracts:

I've also made an ad-hoc art journal out of a couple of used envelopes - here are a few sample pages - it's about half full now. I just leave it on my desk and randomly stick a few bits and bobs in it whenever I feel like it. 

I signed up for Wanderlust 2024 on a whim (just couldn't resist the early bird offer!) and #therobensnest, which is an online subscription community of Roben-Marie Smith, whom I've been following for years. More about these in subsequent blog posts. That's my creative news in a nutshell! 

In other news: my son has recently turned 19 and Oreo is at the grand old age of 8 years! It's easy to remember because my son was 11 when we first got him (the cat, not my son LOL!). He's now off to uni (UWE in Bristol, where my husband works, which is a handy safety net!) - it's all very exciting and nerve-wrecking in equal measure. I made this fun cushion for him to brighten up his student digs and to remind him of Oreo. 

Speaking of Oreo, here's a picture of him lounging with me in the Summer House earlier this month when it got really hot, if you still remember that far back. It seems ages ago to me! It's the best place to hang out on a hot summer's night and we didn't get many of those this year, did we? I'm not complaining, by the way - I love a cool summer!

And that wraps it up for today! There's a lot more stuff on my Instagram. I can't wait to find out what y'all been up to - I will be visiting soon - if not today then during the course of the week! See you then! xx