Wednesday 30 November 2022

WOYWW #704: November check-in

Hello again on the last day of November! I've been looking forward to this day, because it means I can start opening my advent calendars tomorrow! It's all very exciting and the countdown to Christmas always makes the cold, gloomy days of December a lot more pleasant. But more on that later. First off, here's a shot of my desk #1 (the messy one):

That's a little quilted, scrappy journal cover with ecodyed papers inside. Don't let the neat cover fool you -  it's pretty messy inside! It's almost complete now. Here are a few examples of the pages: 

Now onto desk #2 (the not so messy one):

I've  got some boxes to store my fabric in. On the right is my first attempt at crazy quilting with the quilt as you go method (it just happened to be the same size to fit the top of the box perfectly!). I've also made some coasters - this one's hand-pieced and hand-quilted with some lovely Indian batik fabric, which is quite different from the Indonesian batik - I love both! I'm a big batik fan! 

I've also been playing with fabric selvedges (selvages) - I got addicted to collecting Moda scrapbags, which usually contain the selvedge ends of the fabric - most people throw these away, but they actually make fantastic scrappy projects! You can piece them together to make a bigger piece of fabric, which then you can use like any other piece of fabric. Here's a sample - this is about an A4 size:

AND - I've also completed my first quilt top! This was done with a Moda scrapbag as well, which had slightly wider strips, so I was able to piece together a scrappy strip pattern: 

Now I'll show you my crafty advent calendars this year - there are two of them! First up, is this one from Devere Yarns - it contains 24 silk threads in different colours - I can't wait to start opening it! 

The second one is something I'm putting together myself - it's my old home made advent calendar filled with strips of fabric from Moda scrap bags - it's only half full because my orders got delayed by the postal strikes (so annoying!) - but I've got the first 12 days covered. I need two more bags to fill the next 12 drawers. It is a surprise as I open the scrap bags in the dark and place 4-5 strips into each drawer, so I don't know exactly what's in them. I think there's a trick there that the manufacturers have missed - imagine how popular something like this would be if it was available commercially! Well, I've made my own! 

I gotta run to the town today to do a spot of shopping but I will be back later visiting around. 

Happy #704 and Merry Christmas as I probably won't be back until after Christmas! 

Take care, everyone and enjoy the festive period!