Wednesday 28 September 2022

WOYWW #695: September Round-up

Here I am again with my end of the month recap! September has flown by at supersonic speeds! I've flittered like crazy from one media to the other this month: from watercolours to stitching and even rock painting, though I haven't got very far with that one yet. As soon as I'd collected the stones, I moved on to something else! Perhaps my desk shot will give you an idea:

Centre stage is a card/scrapbook for my son's 18th birthday. Yep, he's officially an adult now - crazy, I know! It is New York themed with some of the photos he took while he was there and a few others I nicked from the internet. (It's allowed for personal projects, isn't it?) That's a printout of a digital collage on fabric on the cover and I'll show you the inside pages as well - all mounted on recycled cardboard backing from my watercolour pads, with a couple of waterfalls inside for the photos: 

Rather than copying my project shots off  Instagram like I normally do, here's a little group photo of some of them just to speed things up: 

(1) Watercolour swatching in a Moleskine journal that I've had for years sitting unused in fear of 'ruining' it! 
(2) Slow stitching pieces - my new passion! You know I'm not good with perfect straight lines, but I can sure do messy and organic! These were my first attempts on dyed and rusted fabric. I want to incorporate this practice in my mixed media work.
(3) The completed Ugly Art Club Five-minute Challenge journal - a quick flip-through below: 

I've also been buying textile art books and extended my already quite extensive library with these titles - I love them all! Nothing makes me happier than sitting with these books and a cup of tea!

So that's it in a nutshell. 
Sadly, I won't be able to go to the Crop on Saturday as we've started visiting universities, but I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos! xx

Happy WOYWW #695!