Wednesday, 29 May 2019

WOYWW #521: Daily Emotions Tag Book

Traditionally, the week after our WOYWW anniversary ATC swap, I  would share the ATCs I made and received, but I've been asked to keep some of them under wraps until after the crop this year, so I'm going to share all of them together next week. Instead, I'll show you what I made on Sunday! Here's the obligatory desk shot during the process:

I took part in Kasia Avery's Daily Emotions three-day challenge in the Everything Art Playground FB group. I adapted the prompts a little and worked on tags instead of pages and bound them in a tag book (thanks Lynette for sharing the link!). It was supposed to be a 3-day project, but I did it in one sitting. Here are all my tags laid out and I also made a quick video flip-through once they were bound together. First, an in-between look, followed by the completed tags:

I plan to be back next week sharing all my ATCs. Thank you all so much who swapped with me - it was lovely getting them in the post! Those of you who are going, have fun at the crop. There's a very remote chance I might be able to pop in and just say hello if I can get my family to do a day trip on Saturday, otherwise I'll see you again next Wednesday! xx 

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

WOYWW #520: The Big One Oh

Here we go, the big one oh - the 10th anniversary of WOYWW.  I've been part of this wonderful blog hop since 2014 and I wish I had discovered it earlier! Many happy returns to Julia, our tireless hostess - I bet she didn't in her wildest dreams imagine that a sudden, brilliant idea would grow into an international phenomenon that is known as WOYWW, possibly the longest running link party on earth!

Traditionally, we swap ATCs on the anniversary date. I showed you the beginnings of mine last week and I won't unveil them until I have sent them out, but I can show you the gelli printed envelopes that they will arrive in. I made way too many, but I'll just pick the best ones. This is what my frenzied desk looked like while I was gelli printing one night, totally exhausting myself in the process.

I had to find a place to dry the envelopes and the window sill looked like the best bet. Unfortunately, Oreo decided at the same time that he wanted to look out the window (even though it was pitch dark outside!) and he got told off for jumping on my wet prints. He went away sulking. I had to apologize to him later for being so rude. I'm so sorry, Oreo, I didn't mean to shout at you! I think he forgave me by now.

Here are the results in daylight conditions and I also made some note cards to go with the envelopes - nothing fancy just happy and colourful:

I made 10 identical ATCs - I'm swapping with Shaz (Silverwolf), Heather and Caro already, plus my official swap partner, so I have six more left. If anyone else would like to swap, just let me know in the comments! 

And if there's not enough colour in this blog post yet, how about this sunset that I shot a couple of nights ago. My son alerted me to the intense colours in the sky - I could have easily missed it otherwise being glued to the computer screen. I grabbed my camera and literally ran outside so I wouldn't miss it. It was truly magnificent and I'm so glad I caught it! You don't get a sunset like this every day! 

Thanks for all your visits over the years! Happy 10th anniversary! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

WOYWW #519: Catching up

The weeks whiz by so incredibly fast - I've missed three weeks of WOYWW again. I'm joining in today at #519, the week before the biggie 10th anniversary and our annual ATC swap.

I jumped in and decided to get a head start on my ATCs on Saturday. This is what my desk looked like with the beginnings of my ATCs:

Later, they evolved to something like this:

In the end, they ended up looking nothing like these. I'll share them next week. 

In order to show you a finished project as well, here's a quickie I did altering a small flower pot. My husband got it from one of his colleagues and when I first saw it, my immediate thought was it needs some colour! It's too small to grow any plants in it, but I might get a small cactus for it. (I just came up with this idea as I was typing!) 

Talking of plants, I haven't shared any avocado photos for months - and that's because it was "hibernating"  for the winter and didn't grow at all. Then about 3-4 weeks ago, after I re-potted it, it started to grow like crazy, at least 7 inches since then. Yesterday, when I got home from work I got a real shock when I saw that it was wilting in direct sun in the hot conservatory. It must have been 40 C degrees in there or even hotter! I thought I'd killed it but it came back to life - I reckon I saved it in the nick of time, so I'm not going to leave it in the conservatory on hot days any more. Some of its new leaves got a bit singed, but I think they will repair themselves. I felt awful when I saw it.  Here's a shot of the new shoot - that's about a third of the whole plant with lots of side shoots coming through. 

Oreo's fur on his bald spot started to grow back, thankfully. At least the £63.59 treatment seems to have worked, though I still feel bitter about being ripped off at the vets - I'm almost certain it would have resolved on its own, but you just don't want to worry. At least I can keep the cream for next time if it happens again. Here he is curled up on my chair in the craft room this morning with not a care in the world.

That's it folks! I'll have to go run some errands today but will be back later to snoop around! 
Happy #519!