Wednesday 7 November 2018

WOYWW #492: Book of Dreams (part 1)

Hello again, lovely people of WOYWW. I've just settled into my usual routine following a trip to Hungary last week. It's so good to be back! I even managed a short session in my craft room on Monday to start a project altering some recycled packaging. This is as far as I got in the first session:

I used a cheap crackle medium on it, which did not crackle. Seriously, not a single crack! Oh well, at least the underlying collage papers gave it some texture, even though they practically disappeared under the gesso and ink layers. Here's a closer look:

This is still a work in progress. So far, I've added some collage pieces and elements from the Dreamer paper collection. I will do the flip side as well, fold it into a booklet and call it my Book of Dreams. Still lots to be done! This is how it looks right now: 

When I work on these collages I tend to just use scraps lying around - I'm too lazy to get up and look for specific elements, so there's definitely a big advantage in having a messy desk! All those diecuts came from my scrapbox as well as the bits of ribbon. Part two will hopefully come next week. 

That's it art-wise. Now I'll just show you some of the photos I took while we were in Hungary. My dad has been looking into our family history for a while now and discovered that one of our ancestors had a street named after him. He was my dad's great-grandfather's older brother (technically, his great-granduncle) - a bishop and local historian. I took my son to see the street named after him in my hometown, Szekesfehervar. He thought it was cool to have a famous relative!

The following photos were also taken in my hometown. Here's me posing with Kati neni, a well-loved statue in a shopping street. If you rub her nose, it's supposed to bring good luck - hence the shiny nose! 

It was lovely to walk around the town in the evening - it felt like a summer's night, even though it was the very end of October but unseasonably warm. 

We travelled to Budapest a couple of days later, where I took these photos of the Parliament on the river Danube - at sunset and lit up in the dark. 

We did a couple of day trips with my parents as well and visited this new statue commemorating the 1848 Revolution against the Hapsburgs. It is on a grand scale! 

This photo shows my parents with my son at a viewpoint overlooking Lake Velence. You can see that my dad looks a bit like his great-granduncle! 

That's it folks! Thanks for tagging along on my journey - I'll see you again soon!