Wednesday 26 August 2015

WOYWW #325: Trying to get back to blogging

Hello, I've missed you all!

I've been gone a loooong time, I know. My last post was back in April. Before that, I was able to post several times a week. Life just got too hectic around here. I'm trying to get back to blogging and creating and find some sort of a balance in my life. I think I need to try harder...

I've been on Facebook on and off as a quick fix, but I'm really missing all my Google friends and WOYWW friends - thanks to Gabriele for reminding me yesterday that I haven't posted on WOYWW for ages. She made me realise some people might be wondering what I'd been up to. I thought I'd try to catch this week's WOYWW to give you all a quick update and hopefully return to creating and blogging soon.

Working at Jackson's Arts

You may recall I started working at Jackson's Arts back in March in their warehouse near Gloucester. I was there on a temporary contract and left at the end of June. Although it was hard work - on my feet all day long, walking many miles down the aisles picking orders, conforming to strict pick rates and error rates, I really enjoyed being surrounded by all the beautiful art products. That was what made working there worthwhile for me. I wouldn't have done this job in any other environment. When an over-zealous, barely literate "supervisor" decided to move me to the post operation, I knew I had to leave. I wouldn't have enjoyed working there any more if I couldn't be in touch with the products. Luckily, it coincided with our house purchase, so I couldn't have stayed there much longer anyway.

It was interesting being allowed behind the scenes, though. I can honestly say, I will never look at a parcel received in the post the same way again. If you order online (from any retailer) please spare a few thoughts for the hardworking little people - often on minimum wage at the bottom of the ladder - who make it possible to get your order to you on time. They all work incredibly hard to make it happen.

Moving House

After leaving Jackson's, I spent the past few weeks sorting through our stuff at home in preparation of the move. It's amazing what you accumulate in just 10 years! I've downsized my son's Lego collection and sold/gave away a lot old toys and clothes. I got rid of some of my old scrapbooking products as well, which I no longer found useful for my mixed-media projects. I've cleared out my craft cupboards, ready to transfer my stuff to the new house. The picture below shows a fraction of the boxes I have. The others have already been moved bit by bit. This is my chance to make a fresh start and organize my stuff as much as possible.

My art supplies all packed into boxes and ready to go

On impulse, I decided to clean my brayers before packing them. I soaked them in hot, soapy water and after a while I was able to peel away the paint, almost like a skin. Now they're like new!

Soaking my brayers

The dry acrylic paint peels away like a skin

I also wanted to use up some cheap, old gesso, so I covered the pages of a couple of children's board books I found lying around. These provide an ideal substrate for wet media as they don't buckle or warp like paper.

Prepping some board books with gesso

I feel inspired now to create something in these books as soon as I have my new craft room set up, which I hope to show you next time! For now, here's a photo of our new house - we're not moving far, just to the other side of Gloucestershire. Far enough though to cause an upheaval having to change schools, dentists, doctors, etc. My husband will also have a long daily commute to Bristol to deal with, but he can't complain as he was the one instigating this move. Now the race is on to settle in before school starts next Thursday! And we haven't even got the phone/broadband connected - BT has been working on it for the past month! So if you don't hear from me for some time again, it will be because we're cut off from civilisation.

The window of my new craft room - it's too small to call it a studio

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm sorry I couldn't share any artwork with you. Although I haven't created anything lately, I've done a lot of painting - of the house decorating type! I've become quite good at paiting skirting boards and door frames, as my hubby will tell you. I'll try to visit everyone who leaves a comment - perhaps not today as we've got some more paiting to do, but I'll get there in the end! Cheerio - have fun creating!