Wednesday, 10 May 2017

WOYWW #414: Quick Update

Hello deskers on this bright, sunny morning! I can't believe it's May already! I haven't been around much lately, but I thought I'd check in with a quick update to let you know what's been happening around here. I've been pretty preoccupied with house hunting and didn't get much chance to create anything. We're ready to throw in the towel and stay where we are for now. Both my husband's job and our son's school tie us to this area and we just can't find what we want around here. We'll continue to look but will take our house off the market until we find something suitable.

However, I'm not here to moan about our housing situation, but to show you my desk for WOYWW. As I haven't made any new art, I'll just show you some things I've bought recently. Two art books to add to my collection, a battery operated pencil sharpener and a couple of fabric tapes from The Works. The pencil sharpener is especially useful, as it has two different sized holes and it can handle my chunky charcoal pencils as well. I've also found that it's good for sharpening soft pencils, which tend to break in a manual sharpener.

The following photos show some highlights of my family life since I last participated in WOYWW about a month ago. We went to the Haynes Motor Museum during the school holidays and got to sit this 1935 car. 

We had several outings nearby enjoying the Spring weather. This photo was taken in Dyrham Park, near Bath.

This one's on Selsley Common near Stroud. I love this landscape!

Closer to home is Cam Peak with bluebells in full bloom.

And even closer to home, just down the road from us, is this lovely deer park. That's the River Severn in the background. 

Oreo news: he's enjoying spending more time outdoors now that the weather has turned mild and dry. The other day he caught a mouse in the garden. Luckily, I had the patio door closed, otherwise he would have brought it in. Here he is, playing with the poor little fella. It was already dead when I saw it - otherwise I wouldn't have let him play with it. Ruthless killer! Afterwards, he pretended nothing had happened - he showed no remorse at all. It could have been Mr. Jingles!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope I will be able to show you some new art next week.