Thursday, 7 January 2016

My bound LifeBook 2015

LifeBook 2015 has been an amazing journey for me and I would feel sad that it is over, had I not signed up to continue this adventure through 2016!

My book is finally bound, containing 42 pages (including the covers). I followed Tam's 2012 binding method, because I had these amazing Basic Grey scrapbooking papers that I wanted to include. I've had these papers for almost a decade but I could never get myself to cut them up. This way, they will be on display in my book forever, opposite my art work and I can keep on stroking them.

I didn't do all the lessons, but some of them I did more than once and I included some other artwork as well. There's still some room to add a few more pages, so I might complete some of the lessons that I missed at a later date. It's good to have that option available.

I've put together a video slideshow of all the pages instead of a flip-through, but you can also look at the stills below if you prefer - just click on the first image to open the gallery. Thank you all for accompanying me on this wonderful creative adventure!



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