Wednesday, 23 May 2018

WOYWW #468: Happy 9th Anniversary!

The much anticipated 9th anniversary of WOYWW has finally arrived! Number 468 - isn't that unbelievable? That's 9 X 52 weeks of blog hopping hosted by Julia Dunnit on the Stamping Ground. I first joined in at #276 in September 2014 and have been a regular (on and off) ever since. Here's a look at my desk earlier this week:

I was working on some tags to send out with my ATCs for the anniversary swap and gelli printed some envelopes as well, while I was at it. I'll keep the final look under wraps until next week by which time they will have been received. It's been lots of fun working on a batch, which I don't normally do.

Now onto some of my experiments this week! I've recently bought some metal filigree embellishments from China and the idea struck me that I could turn them into stamps! I ran them through my Big Shot with a piece of foam, just like I did with the plastic packaging last week. It couldn't have been easier and I instantly made several new pattern stamps to use in my journals and other projects! You can use them with archival inks or acrylic paint as shown below.

Another thing I experimented with was string painting. I spotted a video that Shaz (Silverwolf) shared on Facebook and had a go. It's remarkably easy and I got good results straight away. I used acrylic ink in an A4 notebook. The best thing is that you get two pictures for the price of one - the mirror images of each other. The results are unpredictable and random, which is part of the appeal of this technique. 

I've been working on some other things as well, but they will be the subject of a separate blog post. For now, I'll just leave you with a couple of Oreo photos. He likes to be outside these days but luckily, never strays too far from the house.

I will be sending out my swaps tomorrow as they need some final touches. Hopefully they'll arrive by the end of the week as they're all UK addresses and I look forward to finding out who my PIF is later today. 

Happy 9th anniversary, everyone! Long live WOYWW and a big THANK YOU to Julia for making it all possible! 

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