Monday, 28 May 2018

Playing with acrylic inks

What I like about acrylic inks as opposed to watercolour and distress inks is that they are permanent. While I absolutely adore watercolour textures, sometimes I find it frustrating that they can reactivate and therefore are not always suitable for mixed media applications. Watered down acrylic inks can produce similar results, but once they are dry, they will not go anywhere so you can freely use them as backgrounds.

For my latest project, which I'm not ready to share yet, I've been using acrylic inks to stain cardstock and other elements. Instead of my craft mat (or rather on top of it), I used a piece of textured white card as my work surface. At the end of the process, I got a lovely, grungy piece of paper that I was able to cut into note cards and tags for further use. Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to take a photo of the palette paper before I cut it up, but I can show you the bits and pieces I ended up with. I would have never been able to produce such beautiful, random textures on purpose!

Here's a closer look at the textures: 

I only used three inks to achieve all this: Daler Rowney's Sepia and Prussian Blue and Golden's High Flow Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. 

These are only the by-products of a bigger project, which I will share in the coming days/weeks. Happy Bank Holiday to my UK readers and Happy Monday to my visitors from overseas! xx

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