Wednesday, 4 October 2017

WOYWW #435: Gelli printing with Distress Oxides

Time for another stomp on Julia's Stamping Ground this morning, peeking at crafty desks. I haven't had much time to enjoy my new art room lately, but I did make a last minute dash for it yesterday to try some Distress Oxide inks on the gelli plate. I extended my collection to include Fossilized Amber, so now I have a grand total of THREE oxides (along with Broken China and Vintage Photo), which is plenty if you just want to experiment.

This is what my desk looked like at around 5 pm last night:

And here's the results of my experiments:

I expect you can achieve similar results without the gelli plate, but it was fun trying it anyway. You only need a few drops of ink and some water. Here's a closer look at some of my favourite bits, keeping in mind that the camera exaggerated the contrast a little and made the colours look stronger:

I can use these for collages later. They remind me of my erosion bundles a lot. Perhaps this is a way to get similar results without the waiting and the creepy crawlies - instant gratification - but only the fraction of the excitement! 

In other news: we've solved the problem of Oreo knocking on doors in the middle of the night by letting him roam the house. He is now remarkably quiet (most of the time), although I did wake up the other night to find him sitting next to me, staring at me in the dark! Otherwise, he likes to curl up on top of my chest of drawers on a soft blanket. He's still too nervous to go out, so we're keeping him in the house for the time being and he seems happy with the arrangement. 

I've got this photo of his favourite toy, Sylvester, who needed  a bit of a wash. Oreo sometimes drags him around the house, so we find him in odd places. He even brought him up the stairs the other day, which was quite an achievement, given the fact that they are almost the same size. Perhaps he wanted to show him around! 

Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be over shortly! 
Happy WOYWW! 

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